Tip to register an US Google Adsense Account for non-US residents

Register US adsense account for non-us resident

I am a Vietnamese and using an US Adsense account for better income on my English Blog. I have never been to USA yet, but how did I register for US Google Adsense Account while I am non-US resident?

In the previous topic, I shared an essential tip to get higher Google Adsense income: On the same English blog, having an US Google Adsense account gains higher CPC relative to a poor and developing countries’s profile.

You are an indian for example, how can get an US Google Adsense account in your Name, and How to receive the payment?

Google does focus on the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the publishers rather than the reality and verification of an Adsense user. Therefore, it is pretty easy to get an Adsense account in US profile. The matters are just time and your intention.

In both following ways, phone verification is not required.

Register a new US Adsense account

  1. Ask a friend living or studying in USA for an address to get the Google confirmation mail.
  2. Register a new Gmail account in US profile under your Name and the borrowed US address.
  3. Go to US Google Adsense page, sign up for a new account using the new Gmail. It is really easily to get an US account with just a low rank English website.
  4. After getting approved, Google will mail a PIN number to the US address associated with the profile. Ask your friend to pay attention and get the PIN once I arrive.

Modify the current Adsense account profile to US information under your Name

Existing international user can switch to US profile. However, Google will send a new mail with confirmation PIN inside to the new US address to ask for address verification again. Make sure you are able to get the letter at the new US address.

According to Google, take the following steps to change the country in your Google Adsense account:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click the gear icon and select Payments.
  3. Click Payee profile.
  4. In the “Payee profile” section, click Edit next to your “Profile information”.
  5. Scroll down to “Country” and select Edit.

Solution to withdraw the Adsense Payment

Payoneer is the best way to get payment from an US Google Adsense account for the Non-US residents. Getting a Payoneer MasterCard, you get an US virtual bank with real routing (ABA) and bank account number. If you have not owned a Payoneer Card yet, register here.

Payoneer us bank account information