What should do if Payoneer Card is not arrived

Do not receive Payoneer Card

Do not receive Payoneer Card? Once your Application is approved, a Payoneer MasterCard is mailed to the address associated with your profile. However, many users may encounter a circumstance of that  Payoneer Card does not seem to be arrived. What should we do?

In our previous topic, we shared our tip to get your Application approved by Payoneer system without any complicated verification requirements. However, the Payoneer Card gets lost somehow during shipping process.

  • Depends on particular destination, Payoneer mails the Card using standard plans of one of common shipping services such as DHL, SMS, Fedex, UPS, etc… You should have received a Payoneer Register Mail Delivery Alert which including the tracking information into your email address once the mail is shipped.
Payoneer shipping track
The DHL tracking number of my Payoneer Card mail
  • Users are able to check the whole shipping process via the tracking number provide.
Payoneer Card Shipping status
My application was approved on 7th July, I received the Card 6 weeks later

Please be patient because it normally takes 3 to even 8 weeks to receive the Card if the accurate shipping address was provided.

What to do if the Card gets lost?

  • Go to Payoneer Contact Page.
  • Click on Send Message > Login to your Account.
  • Fill a content to request for sending a new card.

Request for sending a new payonner cardYou should double check to make sure accurate shipping address is provided.