Why we should use Payoneer to receive Google Adsense payment

Payoneer and adsense payment

Firstly, I would say this post is such a gift for people who living in regions where the CPC (Cost per Click) is very low. I actually gain much higher Google Adsense income for using an US Adsense profile instead of my Vietnamese one on the same English Blog. And of course, Payoneer takes an essential role of such an USA virtual bank for a non-US Resident for receiving Adsense payment monthly.

On the same English blog, having an US Google Adsense account gains higher CPC relative to a poor and developing countries’s profile.

It sounds weird, but actually is true. Let me clarify my conclusion.

No matter which country your Google Adsense profile is, it is absolutely logical and reasonable to get higher CPC on the Ads from Capitalist countries’s visitors (such as US, CA, AU,…) than from visitors in developing countries such India, Vietnam, China,… where e-commerce does not take potential roles yet. We shouldn’t have any doubts and concerns about this.

Is it real if switching to US payment profile leads to Higher Google Adsense income?

With the my English Blog, I actually get much higher CPC (Cost per Click) by 3 times for using an US Google Account instead of a Vietnamese one. That is the reason why many English blogs of asian founders get very low income from Google Adsense even-though they gain very impressed traffic from US and Euro.

An example:

You might know that Shoutmeloud, a very well-known blog, always publishes their monthly financial report including Adsense income.
+, My Blog and Shoutmeloud have the same niche site in English and almost the same visitors’s geographic and demographic characteristics.
However, there following things are really impressed differences between us:
+, They have much better Bounce rate, Daily Pageviews per Visitor and Daily Time on Site than me:

Shoutmeloud rank
Shoutmeloud rank on Alexa
My blog rank on Alexa
My blog rank on Alexa

+, Moreover, They have double unique english visitors relative to my Blog, but my Adsense income is nearly 3 times higher than them.
This is the our Adsense income reported on June 2015 (for private matter, I hide exact the number):

  • Shoutmeloud$643 (PageViews: 675,365 and Session: 445,257).
  • My Blog: $1943.15 (PageViews: 314,426 and Session: 249,692).
    My Blog adsense income using USA profile
    My Blog adsense income using USA profile

All above might be just my subjective view. Moreover, how good Adsense income you gain depends on you well you optimize the ads.

However, you can made a quick examination your-self by using different US proxies to click on the same Ads type of both US Adsense account and the another registered by your real nationality profile on the same position of the same website. And then, I am sure that the report on both accounts will shock you.

In deed, I would recommend using a combination of US Adsense account and Payoneer for gaining much higher Adsense income if you are non-US resident.

It is pretty easy to get an Adsense account in US profile. There should be 2 ways without phone verification requirement, look at our another topic: Tip to register an US Google Adsense Account for non-US residents.

If my tip is so helpful and you have not had Payoneer MasterCard yet, register here to support us and share the article to save the others.